ARROW: Stephen Amell Talks About Season 2

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The season finale of Arrow was good, but what about Season 2? Click the jump to see more.

Stephen Amell, star of Arrow and Oliver Queen aka “The Hood,” talks about the season 1 finale and what to expect in season 2 of Arrow. Here’s what Amell says:

I knew elements of the finale by the early part of this year. I like it because, again, there’s nothing that we promise or tease in theThe Undertaking show that we don’t deliver on. There was a device, there was a bomb — whatever you wanna call it — and whenever the bomb doesn’t go off, it’s kinda disappointing, so I’m glad that they went there, as hard as it was.

The reason that he was the vigilante, the Hood, all that stuff is gone now. Merlyn’s been stopped, the list is essentially somewhat obsolete, the Glades are destroyed. If he’s going to become the vigilante again or something different, he’s gonna need a new reason. We’re just going to find everybody in a different place. I think we’re actually going to find Oliver literally in a different place at the beginning of next year.It’s our second season, but it’s kind of like a new series. So I’m excited.

The season finale had a complete feel to it. We know that the characters will be placed in a semi-downward spiral after The Glades fell and Tommy’s death, so it’s basically the best time for huge villains to come into Starling City to wreak havoc. Previous articles have stated that the city will begin to question if they actually need “The Hood”, so arrow1there will be a lot of protesting citizens against Arrow, which will be the best time for Roy to become his own vigilante.

According to an IGN interview with Amell, it seems that fans want Oliver and Felicity to hook up. This could be a huge possibility since Laurel will be in mourning over Tommy’s death and second guessing her love for Oliver, so Felicity will have a slight rebound opportunity with Oliver. but this is all mostly speculation from the IGN interview and from Marc Guggenheim’s (producer) season 2 spoilers. You can those spoilers by clicking HERE.  Season 2 is going to be epic, I can’t wait for it.

Arrow will return in October, with production already underway.

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Source- IGN 

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