WORLD’S FINEST: The Devil Falls To Earth

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Desaad comes to World’s Finest and he’s coming in a real big way. Click the jump to see more.

Paul Levitz (writer of World’s Finest and Legion of Superheroes) has been writing World’s Finest since the beginning of The New 52 launch and by now, he has crafted Power Girl and Huntress into the leading ladies of super heroines. The next few issues of World’s Finest will be mostly focused on Power Girl, so when June comes along, expect her story to become the primary one. See what Levitz has to say about Power Girl’s story line in World’s Finest:

“She’s got a lot of drama going on in her life — the loss of the celebrity, the loss of her confidante, her home and her base of world's finestoperations. And she’s been going through some pretty strange things with her own powers, as well, since arriving on this earth. And there are some open-ended questions about what’s going on with all of that.

“So you have a young woman who has, for all the dramas she’s gone through up until now, really been enjoying life a lot. And it will be interesting to see what effect on her personality not winning in such dramatic ways has.”

For those who have not been keeping up with World’s Finest. You really have missed much. The issues before #19 focused more on the story than on the characters. It seems that Levitz has got around to developing the characters. For those who have been keeping up and enjoy the comic book title, kudos. Many fans, however, haven’t really been enjoying it so thank God for the semi-restart button that editorial has done with WTF issues in April. It has really created a jumping-on point for a lot of the books in the New 52. So how will Desaad play into this interesting story telling for Power Girl? Levitz answers that as well below:

And as we’ll play out the story of Desaad over the next few issues — and it you’ll see Desaad get a little more time of his own — you will see his reaction to not being in a world that is his own. Also, it’s just enormous fun as you think about Desaad as an individual villain.

world's finest1You’ll see in Worlds’ Finest, in the presence of Desaad, both in the revelations about him and in his relationship with the two heroines, you’ll see a certain amount of superhero equivalent of the “Lucifer falling to Earth” story. What would the devil do if he landed here and was stuck? What would his idea of fun be? And I think that’s an enjoyable thing to play around with, and it hopefully makes some very good story material.

The funny thing about the Devil is that when he comes to play, he plays, hard. According to Levitz, the name Desaad references Marquis De Sade by Jack Kirby. The name alone for this character is just a huge play on words and it places a lot of emphasis on how Desaad will interact with Power Girl and Huntress. There will not be a full explanation of who Marquis De Sade is, but let’s just say Desaad will push the heroines to their limits. So, as a reader, you might want to check out Levitz’ next World’s Finest #15 coming in August. Emmanuella Lupacchino will also be illustrating the issue staring on Issue #15, which is a plus for readers who pick up the issue.

See some of the preview pages of World’s Finest #15 down below.

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