After months of rumors and speculation, DC Comics’ Dan Didio and Jim Lee have come out to confirm Villains Month!

All the books involved with villians month will get .1 issues in september, for example Action Comics will become Action Comics 23.1 Bizzaro.

Another cool thing about the Villains month issues is that they will come with 3D motion covers, illustrated in these gifs posted below. Books confirmed include Joker #1, Lex Luthor #1, Parasite #, Metallo #1, Bizarro #1, Two-Face #1, Relic #1, Desaad #1, Creeper #1, Darkseid #1, Ventriloquist #1, Cyborg Superman #1, H’El #1, Grodd #1, First Born #1 and Poison Ivy #1. All the books will retain the price point of $3.99.

Jim and Dan later went on to say that these Villain issues could branch off and not only be exclusive to September!

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Source: Bleeding Cool

(click the images to view them in gif form!)

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