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by Brendon Lane Carlson
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All the talk this month is about Superman month with his 75th anniversary and Man of Steel coming to theaters next week.  For something different for the comic fans, I thought it would be interesting each month to look back at what happened each month thru the DC Comics years.  For the month of June in DC Comic history:

5 years ago this month:  Tiny Titans was released

15 years ago this month:  Green Lantern Emerald Knights begins and Identity Crisis and Superman Red/Superman Blue concluded.

20 years ago this month:  Adventures of Superman #500 by Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood, Action Comics with #687 resumed after “The Death of Superman” and “Funeral for a Friend”, and Justice League Europe changed to Justice League International with issue #51.

30 years ago this month:  Action Comics #544 the anniversary issue with origins of a revamped Lex Luthor by Cary Bates and Curt Swan as well as Brainiac by Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane.  Also Adventure Comics #500 was released with 148 pages with reprints of Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #305-313.  Legion of Super-Heroes #300 anniversary issue came out with the Legion drawn by over 20 different artists.  Finally Weird War Tales‘s final issue #124 came out.

35 years ago this month:  “DC Explosion” was still going on and DC increased it titles’ page count to 25 story pages which lead to an increase of a comic book price from 35 cents to 50 cents.  Also Batman #300 “The Last Batman Story” was released by David Reed, Walt Simonson, and Dick Giordano.

40 years ago this month:  Detective Comics beginning with issue #435 began a bimonthly schedule and Doom Patrol vol 1 cancelled with issue #125.

55 years ago this month:  In Action Comics #241 “The Super-Key to Fort Superman”, the Fortress of Solitude debuted.

75 years ago this month, Action Comics #1 debuted with Superman.
Finally from the 1976 DC Comics Calender for June 1976:

1: Birthday of Carter Hall (golden age Hawkman)

3: Birthday of Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet)

4: Birthday of Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard)

6: James W. Gordon graduates from law school

8: Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Batman’s parents) [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on June 26 in Batman Special #1 (1984) — both Pre-Crisis]

9: Birthday of Capt. Johnny Cloud of The Losers

11: SUPERMAN DAY. Anniversary of his debut as Superboy

12: Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face

16: Krypton blows up

18: “Birthday” of Clark Kent. Anniversary of the day he landed on Earth [Pre-Crisis version; Post-Crisis Clark Kent’s “birthday” is in November]

19: Birthday of Shayera Thal (Hawkgirl II / Hawkwoman)

22: Birthday of Hartley Rathaway, alias Thomas Peterson and Henry Darrow (Pied Piper)

23: Superman’s first battle with Terra-Man

24: Accident in Luthor’s lab gives his sister Lena ESP powers

25: The Kents adopt Superbaby, name him Clark.

26: Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Batman’s parents) [Batman Special #1 (1984); placed on June 8 in 1976 Super DC Calendar — both Pre-Crisis]

27: Aquaman marries Mera

” : Murder of John & Mary Grayson (Robin’s parents) [Post-Zero Hour version; July 15 in Pre-Crisis version; Halloween in Post-Crisis version]

28: Wing (Crimson Avenger’s partner) dies to save Earth

” : JSA and allies are bathed in Ian Karkull’s chronal radiation, prolonging their lives and keep them vital for many years (1941)

29: Krypto lands on Earth

30: Perry White hires Clark Kent


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Source:  Wikipedia & DC Calendar

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