Paul Levitz on the ending of the Legion of Super-Heroes and what may be in store for the team.

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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Thru its over 55 year history in comics, the Legion of Super-Heroes have been thru several reboots including the latest reboot when the New 52 started.  However loyal LSH fans have stuck around only to be shocked to find out that the Legion of Super-Heroes was to be cancelled in August.  DC has continued to be mysterious about what is in story next for the team of the future, however it appears it will be without Paul Levitz.

In a interview last week, Levitz gave a few comments about the ending of the current series:

Newsarama: We’ve been told that Legion of Super-Heroes is ending. How are you wrapping up the comic over the next few issues?

Paul Levitz: The end of the Fatal Five story has had some calamitous consequences for the Legion, coming after the losses that created the Legion Lost tales…all in all, a pretty awful period in their history. [Issue] #23 will be an epilogue to all that, hopefully putting an end to this run, and leaving the reader to think about its place in the DC universe.

Nrama: With all this mystery about the Legion’s “place” in the DCU and its “nature”… what should people know going into that final issue? And does it set things up for anything else coming from DC?

Levitz: Whatever’s coming next for the Legion or the 31st Century DCU, it isn’t my stories, so you’ll have to ask them. I’ll be waiting with you to see.


Paul Levitz also mentioned the 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Myth-Making 5 volume book that he has recently worked on.

One thing for certain and DC has basically confirmed that the Legion is not dead.  Fans have been wondering even before the news of the cancellation was released about a “Justice Legion” with hints of that in an upcoming cover and the popularity of Justice League and Justice League of America.  With the Villains Month upcoming, it may still be a few months before we truly find out what will be in store with the team of tomorrow as well if a new title will launch in its place.

Let us know your thoughts of the current Legion of Super-Heroes title and what you think will be the next steps for the Legion.

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Source: Newsarama

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