Previews: Ame-Comi Girls #4 The Coming of Sinestra

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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Ame-Comi Girls is unique as it can mix the DCnU with the past DCU and throw in its own all female heroes and villains reality.  The series is available in digital series first then comes to print monthly.  With this issue, we see the debut of Sinestra (the female Sinestro).  It has self contained and has an anime feel to the art.  Check out the preview of this week’s issue below:

amecomi_4_1 amecomi_4_2 amecomi_4_3 amecomi_4_4 amecomi_4_5 amecomigirl-4_print_cover


The writers are Justin Gray&  Jimmy Palmiotti who are presently on All-Star Western and Batwing.  Check this series out and let us know what you think.

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Source: ManCave

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