Brazilian Hospital uses ‘Superformula’ to combat cancer [True Story]

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In partnership with Warner Bros., A.C. Camargo Cancer Center (São Paulo) uses the ‘Superformula’ to fight children’s cancer. The central idea roots from the creative minds of JWT Brazil when they pitched in the concept of making chemotherapy easier for children to go through.

“Transform the chemotherapy into a ‘Superformula.’
We made covers for intravenous bags based on characters from the ‘Justice League.’ Creating, for the first time, a child-friendly version of the treatment. Co-developed with doctors, the covers are easy to sterilize and handle and meet all hospital hygiene standards. To give these covers a more powerful meaning, we started to produce a special series of cartoons and comic books in which the superheroes go through experiences similar to those of kids with cancer, and recover their strength, thanks to this “Superformula.”


In line with this, the rooms were also transformed into superhero-themed game room (Hall of Justice). Superhero videos were shown, showcasing the DC Comics characters (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman) and their individual breakthroughs from viruses and cancer-related conditions. These will not only stir the emotions of the young patients, but these will also create a sense of hope that they can do it.

The idea is to create positivity in the midst of struggles that only Superheroes can supply.

An idea which, since it has been up and running, is helping the children in their own struggle against one of the real world’s greatest villains.

Watch this video to know more about the ‘Superformula’.


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