AMERICAN VAMPIRE: Long Road To Hell #1 Preview

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American Vampire is back with its new one-shot, Long Road To Hell. Click the jump to see preview.

Plot:  Billy Bob and Jolene; two star-crossed lovers just trying to pick pocket their way to married bliss and a better life for them both. But when this couple is inducted into the ranks of the undead, their dreams of a bright future give way to a vision of America’s dark underbelly. Now Billy Bob and Jolene are streaking across the country, driven by an insatiable hunger, guided by a boy named Jasper with a penchant for finding ‘bad people’ and desperately hoping to find a rumored cure in Las Vegas. Can Billy Bob and Jolene, dubbed by the media as ‘The Heartbreak Killers’, outrun the darkness growing within them and the mysterious hunter who’s hot on their heels? Find out in AMERICAN VAMPIRE: THE LONG ROAD TO HELL #1, a special one-shot and the latest entry in the extraordinary AMERICAN VAMPIRE saga from co-writers Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque with art by Rafael Albuquerque.

New series, Long Road to Hell showcases Billy Bob and Jolene who are star-crossed lovers trying to make a better life for themselves. You can already see that this new series won’t have a happy ending, but when does American Vampire have a happy ending. The couple is nicknamed “The Heartbreak Killers,” which kind of feels a whole lot like Bonnie & Clyde or if you want to go darker, Natural Born Killers. I think one would prefer to reference Natural Born Killers, since it’s more bad ass than Bonnie & Clyde. The series is by Scott Snyder (writer of American VampireSwamp Thing, and Batman) so expect some serious story telling with a dark twist!

See the preview down below.

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