KATANA #5 PREVIEW: Swagger Comes

Swagger comes with an agenda in mind. Katana #5 preview, click the jump to see.

Plot: Katana travels to Japan in search of the one person who can fix her sword, Soultaker—but first she must contend with one of the souls that escaped when the sword was shattered!

Swagger makes her debut in Katana #5. Katana is at a slight disadvantage since her sword was broken. This makes for really good character development for Katana since we all know her connection to Soultaker, the sword. It was a good move by Ann Nocenti (writer of Catwoman and Katana) to develop Katana’s character a bit more. This will allow the readers/fans to go deeper into who Katana is.

See the preview down below.

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Source- Nerdist 

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