New ‘Arkham Origins’ Figures Reveal Bane

by Grant DeArmitt
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Fans of the Arkham series of video games finally get a good look at the version of Bane that will be appearing in the new game Arkham Origins, slated to come out this October.

Bane looks a little smaller in these pictures, which is appropriate, as he will appearing as a younger villain. The game takes place at the beginning of Batman’s crime-fighting career, so the characters will look a little younger.

Also in the picture of the new figures is a good look at the Joker. Joker himself is toned down a bit, looking more down-to-earth than in the rest of the Arkham games. This reveal will no doubt get the fans excited, and certainly pondering exactly what role Bane and the Joker will be playing in the latest installment of the ‘Arkham’ franchise.

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