Previews: World’s Finest #13: Hide & Seek

Year two begins for World’s Finest this week with issue #13.  The first issues have established Power Girl and Huntress on Earth One/New Earth/Earth Prime as well as given us glimpses of their time on Earth 2.  We have also gone through the evolution of Power Girl’s suit and Huntress as a character.  This title connects well with Earth 2 and events in the DCnU with the the mix of the Apokolips with Desaad, Parademons, and more. The title does, however, have a mystery like fate going into September’s Forever Evil.  The next two issues continue the Apokolips connections with Desaad with #15 referencing Earth 2, and the Forever Evil issue with Desaad has a Earth 2 header with Power Girl and Huntress shown.

DC Solicit:

As DeSaad’s Hellhound hunts Power Girl and Huntress, the duo must struggle with how far underground they’ll have to go before they can turn the tide and take the fight back to the man who’s been impersonating the missing Mr. Terrific.

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