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Can Clark and Supergirl keep the peace in the 31st Century?

The hit television show continues in comic form as Clark struggles to keep the peace between EarthGov, the Legion, and New Krypton in the 31st Century. Supergirl reveals the true nature of her captivity and Booster Gold finds himself powerless.

The tradition of continuing a popular television show as a comic book is still relatively new but seemingly well received. It allows the fans of the Smallville television show to keep up with their favorite characters, and gives the writers (in this case Bryan Q. Miller, who was a writer on the  show) a chance to push their characters even further than the constraints of a weekly episodic show.

Smallville Season 11 continues in issue #14 – written by Bryan Q. Miller, art by Daniel HDR, and a cover by Pete Woods – releases digitally Wednesday, June 12th!

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Source: DC Comics



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