DC’s We Can Be Heroes campaign is a great and worthy cause that deserves support, and with their latest press release it shows they’re willing to do whatever it takes to end the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa.

Have you ever read your favorite DC comic and wondered how the amazing artwork was created? Have you ever wished you could witness the process up close and personal, maybe even inside your own house? If so, then DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes campaign is ready to make one DC fan’s dream come true.


As the latest “perk” to be added to the ongoing second phase of the philanthropic effort, legendary comic book artist and DCE Co-Publisher Jim Lee will fly to the hometown of one lucky benefactor to paint a custom mural based on the donor’s favorite character from the DC Comics Universe.


The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is priced at $25,000 and the mural can be painted either on a wall or a large-scale canvas up to 10×10. Of course, the proceeds will continue to support the fight against the devastating hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.


The hometown visit is one of several compelling perks added to the We Can Be Heroes campaign this week, including hardcover copies of SUPERMAN: H’EL ON EARTH signed and numbered by Ken Rocafort and Scott Lobdell, hardcover versions of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOLUME 1 with exclusive new jacket signed and numbered by Shane Davis and a 24×18 lithograph of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 drawn, signed and numbered by Jim Lee.


Now’s your chance to donate, and make a difference– but keep in mind, once they’re gone, they’re gone FOREVER.



For more information, please visit DC Comics’ official press blog.

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