PREVIEWS: Superman #21: Hector Hammond and the H.I.V.E Queen

The What’s New in The New 52 section of the DC Comics Blog a couple of weeks ago teased about the upcoming appearance of the H.I.V.E Queen, and this issue’s preview shows her in action.  Hector Hammond has been a villain of the Justice League and Green Lantern before Flashpoint, however in the New 52 he is making his presence know in Superman.  Things are not looking good for Superman with Trinity War brewing in the Justice League titles, New Gods coming back, and now a new Psi-War starting.  This issue should lead the way to the upc0ming Psi-War in the Superman titles which will include the introduction of Psycho Pirate in the New 52H.I.V.E. has been a thorn in the side of the DC heroes in the past especially the Teen Titans, however the New 52 H.I.V.E. looks like Superman will have a lot to deal with besides his confrontation with Hector and the H.I.V.E. Queen.  Here is the preview of the Scott Lobdell/Kenneth Rocafort story that should bring a lot of talk with everything that is going on.

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Source: Comic Vine