PREVIEWS: Batman/Superman #1

by Brendon Lane Carlson

The wait is finally over.  Batman/Superman #1 arrives this week.  Since this title has been announced and with the future solicits, people have been wondering what this title will be about?  Will it address the past of Batman and Superman?  How will it connect to the past stories already told in Action Comics, Superman, Batman, Detective Comics, Justice League, and more?  And probably most importantly, what is this title about?  The no-line previews have had an interesting feel so far, and this preview gives us a little bit more to what to expect including an appearance of Catwoman:

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One strives to hold evil at bay by channeling our darkest fears, the other stands as a soaring champion of our brightest ambitions. The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel have gone from wary rivals to steadfast friends, but how did it all begin? BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1 gives us a glimpse of how these two titans came to know one another in the New 52! When a young Clark Kent arrives Gotham City in search of answers regarding a series of murders in Metropolis, he runs smack into Bruce Wayne himself. From the moment they meet, these two untested heroes’ approaches to protecting others could not be more different. BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1 launches the reader on an incredible journey that stretches from Gotham to Metropolis and worlds beyond. Featuring a story by celebrated writer Greg Pak and stunning artwork by Jae Lee and Ben Oliver, BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1 lands at your local comic shop this Wednesday.

Issue #2 & #3 take another step too not see yet in the New 52 with a meeting of New 52 Batman/Superman with Earth 2’s Batman/Superman with the Villains Month issue being Doomsday.

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Source:  DC Comics

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