RUMOR: Is This the Green Lantern Sequel?

by Grant DeArmitt
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According to Cosmic Book News, the plot to the sequel of 2011’s Green Lantern has been leaked. No name is given as to the source of the leak, so there’s no guarantee how authentic the rumor might be.

The “leak” describes the Green Lantern Corp going after the villain Arkillo, Sinestro’s fall from grace, and a battle between the Green Lanterns and what becomes the Sinestro Corp. You can read the full extent of the supposed leak by clicking the link below.

Will we be seeing this sequel coming to theaters any time soon? Probably not. The 2011 film version of one of the DC greats did not do as well as anyone at Warner Brothers hoped, which significantly reduced the chances of another movie being made. That, coupled with the fact that Zack Snyder has claimed that Superman is “the first” superhero in the DC Cinematic Universe, leaves no room for anything done before Superman. Perhaps all the rumored leak is is what might have been. Sadly, it is almost definitely what will not  be. Don’t look up expecting any more Hal Jordan, DC fans, we’ll be seeing red and blue flashes long before green ones again.

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