Iris West’s New Look

by Dave Wiz
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In his What’s New in the New 52 column, Bob Harras previewed pages from an upcoming issue of the Flash. You may notice that Iris will be wearing a very different outfit than we’ve previously seen…(spoilers ahead for The Flash #22)

Here’s what Bob had to say about the storyline, along with the two preview pages:
[spoiler] If you’ve been reading THE FLASH, you know that the current story arc features a mysterious “Speed Force killer.” Well, in order to keep his good friend safe from this elusive murderer, Barry must find a way to make Iris undetectable to whoever is committing these crimes. Using a method similar to how he constructed his own suit, Barry makes a special protective suit for Iris that will prevent the killer from sensing the Speed Force energy in her. And while Iris doesn’t have speed powers, this suit allows her to comfortably travel at super speed. But will this suit really stop Iris from becoming the Speed Force killer’s next victim? Plus, how will Barry’s girlfriend Patty react to The Flash spending so much of his time attached to Iris’ hip? Only time will tell, but for the meantime, take a first look at some of Francis Manapul’s beautiful interior art from THE FLASH #22, featuring Iris in her new suit.

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Source: DC Comics

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