Batman #22 (ZERO YEAR PART 2) Review: Oroboros

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This review contains spoilers

The Bat-Epic, Zero Year, continues this week with Batman #22, the second issue in the 11-issue arc. Do Snyder, Capullo and friends deliver? Lets dig into Batman #22 and find out!

Batman 222

Cool guys don’t look at explosions.


There is so much good to be found within this issue. The opening fight scene is spectacular. Greg Capullo’s art really shines through here, as well as the color of the Gotham skyline. In the last issue we saw Bruce testing his magnetic boot gadgets, and he uses them in the field this issue. He also tries out his grapnel gun, which he will most definitely use in the next issue (seeing that he will be Batman, and the red line it fires has been teased since part one).

batman 224

Good art, color, and re-iteration of previously teased gadgets. Nice.

Scott Snyder brings some great dialogue this issue with Bruce conversing with Red Hood One, Alfred, and The Riddler. The highlight of the three conversations is Bruce’s first meeting with The Riddler (currently Edward Nygma). We already know that Snyder has a good handle on many of Batman’s villains, but it is great to finally see him write the Riddler in a larger appearance. He is an absolute delight to see on the page, which gives us a lot to look forward to for Batman #23.2 which focuses exclusively on Riddler and is written by Scott Snyder.

While we’re on the topic of The Riddler, credit needs to be given to the Oroboros page.


This might be one of the best pages i’ve seen in a long time.

I can’t say enough about this panel. The Oroboros that eats parts of itself to recreate is laid out on the page itself. The use of metaphor between the Oroboros and Philip Kane is perfect. I’d recommend the comic on this page alone.

I sang the praises of last issue’s back-up story, and I will for this one, too. It has the same team of Snyder, Tynion, and Albuquerque. The backups in Zero Year all seem to expand on Bruce’s traits that make him the man he is. Last time it was his sense of justice, and here it is his gadget and tech skills. It’s a great back-up and shows how Bruce can use his few resources to get himself out of an impossible situation. A nice touch is how this story is mentioned in the main story when The Riddler and Bruce talk about Sphinxes.

Batman 223

The link between the stories, Sphinxes.

Like Part I, the creative team is stellar in all aspects, and I’m sure by this point we all know how great Snyder and Capullo are so lets not tread the same waters.


Nothing. Sorry. I’m just a Percy Positive.

THE VERDICT: Rating5(5/5)

The action is amped up, and the writing and art remain top notch in Batman #22. Snyder and friends deliver. I said it last time, but please read this book. Even if you don’t like Batman, this is the time to fall in love with him. Head out to your local comic store and pick up Batman #21 and #22.



Batman #22 is written by Scott Snyder, and pencilled by Greg Capullo. It is available in print and digitally for $3.99 USD

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