Adventures of Superman #11 Review: Oh Ye of Little Faith

by Daniel Gehen
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Another week, another installment of Adventures of Superman. Read more after the jump!

Stepping into the ring this week to take a crack at the Man of Steel is Tom DeFalco and Pete Woods. Theirs is a tale that pits two good friends and co-workers in an ideological struggle. By “ideological struggle,” I mean they argue over lunch about whether Superman exists. One believes he does, the other does not.


AOS 11dWhile may know DeFalco from his illustrious career at Marvel (including a seven year stint as Editor-in-Chief), some may recognize him as the guy that wrote two horrendous issues of Nightwing last year. With that said, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. DeFalco makes good use of the anthology structure of this series to tell a completely different story from what we’ve seen from other creative teams. This is a story about the regular people that inhabit the DC Universe. It’s an entertaining commentary on our own society, where people will deny something despite the overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise.

AOS 11cPete Woods’ art is great. His use of shading adds a sense of depth and definition to each panel that many artists tend to overlook. It gives this issue a strong visual style that separates it from previous installments.

Woods makes an interesting decision with the depiction of Superman streaking across the sky that differs from other incarnations. Rather than simply a red streak across the sky, Woods represents the speeding Man of Tomorrow as a streak comprised of the colors red, blue, and yellow – the primary colors of the iconic uniform. Details like these summarize the stand-out performance Woods gives his readers.


AOS 11bDeFalco informs the reader that we are in a fully established DC Universe; there are mentions of Wonder Woman and the Flash. I found this to really hurt my enjoyment of the story, because the non-believer says that he does not believe in the existence of Superman, but believes that Wonder Woman exists.  I can see him doubting the existence of this so-called “Superman” if superheroes were largely unknown to the public. However, I have a hard time believing that this gentleman doubts Superman’s existence in a world where there are alien invasions and cosmic battles.

Verdict Rating4 (4/5)

Adventures of Superman #11 is another strong outing from DC’s digital anthology series. Pete Woods’ strong visuals help elevate a good, albeit flawed story by comics veteran Tom DeFalco.

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