Batman Beyond #26 Review: Ending the Undercloud

by Daniel Gehen
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Adam Beechen wraps up his Undercloud story as he concludes his run on the title. Check out our review after the jump!

BB 26dWith this issue, Adam Beechen concludes his run as the writer of Batman Beyond. Beechen has been scripting the adventures of Terry McGinnis as the future Batman since 2010’s six-issue miniseries. Here, Beechen gives us a satisfying conclusion to his Batman Beyond story while leaving room for the characters to continue.


BB 26eI have not been the biggest fan of this story line, but I was surprised by the strong finish Beechen gives us. About half of the issue wraps up the mayhem in Gotham, which pleasantly sufficient. It is the second half of this issue that really shines, however. In a dialogue heavy scene between Terry, Max, Bruce and the Metal Men, Beechen puts the finishing touches on his overall run. It works as a great final issue, while leaving the door open for future stories.

The Bruce Wayne that Beechen presents in the final pages shows something that has been lacking for much of the modern age: a sense of optimism. I found this to be a refreshing take on the character, and am eager to see if this is something that will be picked up by Kyle Higgins.


Terry McGinnis, the character that Beechen has spent the last few years defining in the comic book medium, is reduced to the supporting cast here. The Metal Men are the true stars of this issue, which wouldn’t be so bad if this was the last issue of Beechen’s long run on Metal Men Beyond. Terry is such an interesting character that for him to be sidelined in his own book was a disappointment.

Verdict Rating4 (4/5)

While the Undercloud story was not the best outing in the Beyond universe, Beechen was able give it a strong finish. For those that have been reading Batman Beyond comics for the past several years, this issue is a gratifying send off to a man that has defined this world as much as the animated series.

BB 26b


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