Suicide Squad #22 Review – Light at the End of the Tunnel

by Jacob Torres
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To stop some Anarchoterrorists, the Suicide Squad heads to Las Vegas. Meet Trixie, he likes to party.


Who knew Shkoom was a word?

Who knew Shkoom was a word?

The Suicide Squad’s first mission in the field since their break and rebuild exercise brings them to the City of Sin itself, Las Vegas. This issue’s story was fairly straight forward, dealing with a group of Anarchoterrorists which were attempting to use a form of mass hypnosis via billboards to get people to act on their most basic instincts, and culminates in a big fight with a giant creature made from the bodies of suicide victims.

The story wasn’t really anything special, but it did allow for some great character interaction.  Things are kept relatively simple to start; Amanda Waller and James Gordon Jr. run things from back in Belle Reeve, Harley Quinn and Deadshot are undercover gambling in a casino while the Unknown Soldier tracks down three of the Anarchoterrorists, for the first time showing off a sense of humor in the process. In fact Kot injected much of the issue with humor, most of the scenes with Deadshot and Harley would elicit a few chuckles and a particular scene with King Shark that will without a doubt get a laugh.


Deadshot and HarleyThough Deadshot and Harley Quinn seem like an unlikely duo, they have great dialogue and chemistry between them. There’s a strong connection they share and they genuinely seem to be having fun in each other’s company. King Shark, who was notably absent in the previous issue, has quite a presence in the second half of this one. He was a character who I didn’t know much about and frankly didn’t expect much from, but this issue made me a fan. In fact, the only character who didn’t really get a moment was Cheetah.

Nor do I, Floyd. Nor do I...

Nor do I, Floyd. Nor do I…

Zircher’s art has been just as strong as Kot’s writing from the get go and this issue is no exception. He captures the little we saw of Las Vegas wonderfully, and paired with Jason Keith’s color’s make for some stunning visuals, in particular during the action sequences.



Nothing to see here.


VerdictRating5 5/5

I’d like to add here that next month’s issue of Suicide Squad will be Ales Kot’s last issue on the title. When Kot took over Suicide Squad it had gone from off my radar to a must read and one of my favorite New 52 titles in just two issues. He has been crafting such a fantastic story, digging deep into the characters and truly making this title one of the best the New 52 has to offer. Kot delivers an action and humor packed penultimate issue that just makes it all the worse that he’s leaving so soon. I can’t give enough praise to the work he’s done on this book, and after that shocking ending I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the end.

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