Larfleeze #2 – Review

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Larfleeze #2 Review – The Hunt is On!

It’s another outrageous issue of the zaniest Green Lantern Universe title ever published!



Well this book puts us right back into the wacky space comedy that is the amazing Larfleeze and right into the battle between the eponymous character and the Loard that was hinted at in the end of last months issue. The fight actually ends up in the background, as Stargrave and one of the Loard’s hounds have a chat about their respective roles of servitude.

It seems both servants work for really bad people but they both seem to have a soft spot for their respective masters.  The whole fight scene works on many different levels. The actual fight is well drawn and it does have the feel of two big-shots of the universe slugging it out. The dialogue that is ongoing throughout the fight is just as entertaining and as witty as what we were treated to in last month’s origin story.

And for good measure we actually get some really good character development on Stargrave, The Hound, Loard, and Herb. Herb is new character that is introduced in this book and his is a board certified lackey. The preceding sentence was not editorial in nature he actually holds a degree in being a lackey.

After the fight we get to deal with the aftermath. The fact that Larfleeze goes down is a bit of a shock but does make us take this new Loard character a bit more seriously. Plus we get several panels where Stargrave compares his relationship with Larfleeze to the relationship he had with a hemorrhoid. And it all makes sense.



The biggest problem in this issue is that we do not get very much Larfleeze. For a lot of the book he is in the background, or absent from the page completely. Larfleeze is the star of the show and they should try to keep the focus on him as much as possible.

The art is fine on the whole, but it does seem to have some moments of real inconsistency. Faces and shapes have a tendency to change over the course of the book. It is not extreme but there could definitely be some room for improvement on this front.



If you did not like the first issue of this series then there is absolutely no need for you to read this issue. This is the same tone that so many fellow DC fans seem to have hated. This book for me however continues to be great fun. Does it make that much sense?


But it is one hell of a fun read!

Keep me laughing, space dog, and I will keep picking up this series every month.


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