MATTEL: 2 New Lines For Figures

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 Multiverse and Total Heroes are the new lines for Mattel toys. Click the jump to see more.


The Multiverse will dive into featuring toys from DC Comics multmedia properties such as the games and others. This line toys will be sold at $8.99 a figure and will coming out in 2014 with the first wave featuring Batman: Arkham Origins characters from the game, which should be a great way to promote more of the game to younger audiences and their families. The second wave of the Multiverse toys will feature figures from DC movies. Which DC movies will they feature? We’ll have to wait and see. For each wave, there will be 3-6 figures. We do know that the first figure for the second wave will be Michael Keaton’s Batman. See some the Arkham Origins figures down below.


The second line is Total Heroes, which can be found at Target where most mothers and fathers will be picking their children’s toys. This line is affordable at only $9.99 a figure. The first wave that will coming out in 2014 will be The New 52 figures. See images of the figures down below. 

Green Lantern


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Source- NYP Parallel Worlds 

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