PLAY ARTS KAI: Variant Statues

by Kristina
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Want a DC Comics statue that no one else has? Play Arts Kai has some for you! Click the jump to see more.

Both of these statues were shown at Comic Con International 2013 and well they are really limited edition, well at least Batman is. Play Arts Kai gives you variant statues of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, and Batgirl. Of course Batman gets two statues, one that is a regular black and another that is a red highlighted version of their Batman variant statue that looks super intimidating with it’s huge sword. You can see them below. If you’re wondering how much these bad asses are they’re about $150-$300 a pop, but these variants are so worth it if you’re willing to spend. These will be statues that no one else has in your neighborhood or even among the people you know.

See the images of these Play Arts Kai down below.

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Source- Play Arts Kai 

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