Red Lanterns #22 Preview: Vomiting

by Kristina
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It’s normal for a Red Lantern to vomit, right? Yups, Red Lantern #22 preview. Click the jump to see more.

Plot: Guy Gardner has suddenly found himself at the top of the Red Lantern food chain—but in a pack of bloodthirsty animals like these, everyone’s a predator! If he wants their respect, he’s gonna need the nastiest piece of work in the Corps on his side…but Bleez has her own ideas about what Guy Gardner’s got coming to him!

See the preview down below.

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Source- Nerdist 

REDL_Cv22_ds REDL_Cv22_var Red Lantern 1 Red Lantern2 Red Lantern3 Red Lantern4 Red Lantern5

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