Adventures of Superman #15 Review: Birth of a Villain

by Daniel Gehen

Another week, another installment of Adventures of Superman. Check out the DCN review after the jump!

AOS 15bAdventures of Superman #15 is one of the more interesting installments of DC’s anthology series. Despite a heavy dose of Superman and Lex Luthor, they are not the focus of the story. Rather, the narrative focuses on the impact of a hero such as Superman on the people of the world. Bringing this story to life is first-time comics scribe Kyle Killen and artist Pia Guerra of Y: The Last Man fame.


AOS 15cGuerra’s art is easily the draw of this week’s issue, and for good reason. Known for his work on one of the greatest comic series of all-time, Guerra’s style is what I’d call “detailed minimalism.” At first glance, the characters and backgrounds appear to be drawn in a simplistic manner. But allow your eyes to linger on each panel and the details he adds begin to rise to the surface–the smugness of a Luthor smile, the hope in one boy’s eyes coupled with the anguish of another’s. On top of this is a strong storytelling quality to his art that puts this issue over the top. If there were no dialogue or caption boxes, a reader would still be able to follow the plot without a hitch.

AOS 15dThe strength of Guerra’s art is his storytelling ability, but he is not the one who wrote this story. That credit belongs to Kyle Killen, who, to my surprise, has no prior writing credits save for a couple of (failed) network shows on CBS and FOX.  Rarely do we get Superman stories that focus on the effects of his actions on the regular people of the world, but that’s exactly what Killen gives us here. I don’t wish to say anything more and risk spoiling the issue, but it is very well executed.


In a couple instances, Superman looks a little too young for my tastes. But that’s just a nitpick.

Verdict Rating5 (5/5)

Adventures of Superman, as it has been prone to do, bounces back from a weak performance with a spectacular issue. To see Guerra’s art on a character as iconic as Superman is a joy, and Killen’s writing is a pleasant surprise. Adventures of Superman #15 starts the week in comics out on the right foot.

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