Green Arrow #23 Review: Shados 2/2

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This Review Contains Spoilers

This week in Green Arrow #23, the two part Count Vertigo story “Shados” concludes as Ollie faces off with Vertigo one more time. We also learn some more about the secrets surrounding Robert Queen and The Arrow Clan.


What would an issue of Green Arrow be without 4000 Splash Pages?


The lore that now surrounds Green Arrow is absolutely amazing. The idea of clans based around weapons (established in issue #21) and the Green Arrow artifact just makes the scope of the series much bigger.

I’m pretty sure that everyone already knows just how amazing Jeff Lemire is. He has the ability to be dropped into practically any series and turn it into something we actually care about. He balances action, adventure, mystery, and humour together perfectly. Green Arrow #23, and his run as a whole are perfect examples of this. To say the least, the things we learn about the true nature of Ollie’s father/family history as well as the world building surrounding it is astounding.

As usual the banter between Fyff and Naomi is hysterical.

Naturally, the art is another strong point in this issue.


Another amazing splash page!

Andrea Sorrentino delivers again with this issue. The scroll art/water colour-esque flashback sequences (shown above) are something to behold, and help keep what is past and what is present in check. Another stand out moment in the art section is Ollie’s fight with Count Vertigo. Similar to the previous issue in terms of the fight, but still a stand out scene (art wise at least)

The ending of this issue also shows much promise for the next story (coming in October after Villains’ Month) “The War For Seattle” which features Richard Dragon as the villain.


The final showdown with Count Vertigo is very short and almost anti-climactic. Ollie takes him down in about one page and with one arrow. Compared to previous showdowns with Komodo there is a lot to be desired. And while the art is generally amazing, it was occasionally difficult to distinguish between Ollie and Count Vertigo.



THE VERDICT:Rating4(4/5)

Green Arrow #23 is another solid entry in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s run. The writing and the art come together again to make something very special. The fight with Count Vertigo was a little underwhelming, but I’m sure we will see him again soon (Next Month in Green Arrow #23.1: Count Vertigo!). Now my friends, head out to your LCS and add Green Arrow to your Pull-List. The next arc has much potential, and I’m sure it will be great.


Naomi Blocked.

Green Arrow #23 is written by Jeff Lemire with art by Andrea Sorrentino. It is available in print and digitally for $2.99 USD

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