One More Day to Subscribe for 6″ DC Line

by Dave Wiz
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Tomorrow (Monday, August 18th) sales will close for the 2014 DC Club Infinite Earths subscription on!

The online-exclusive figures continue Mattel’s late retail line of 6″ figures, and the subscription has given us the likes of Ra’s al Ghul, Jay Garrick, Larfleeze, Elasti-Girl, Huntress, and many more! In case you aren’t familiar with the subscription, you have to commit to a year’s worth of online-exclusive figures, with one character being shipped each month (or you could have them shipped every quarter). If Mattel does not receive enough subscribers for the 2014 subscription, the long-running style of 6″ DC action figures will be retired and the line will end. Check out the figures revealed so far for 2014:

dc infinite earths superboy


dc infinite earths aquaman


dc infinite earths ice


dc infinite earths robin

Damian Wayne

If the line receives enough subscriptions, club-members will receive a subscribers-only figure of Doomsday in his green suit from earlier appearances. If the line hits an even higher goal, you can receive the unleashed Doomsday we all know and love!

dc infinite earths doomdsay

Remember that this is your last chance to make sure your favorite characters can be produced in this scale. Subscription sales end 11:59 PT on Monday

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