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Best known for his work on ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and ‘R.E.B.E.L.S.’ to name a few, Tony Bedard has a colorful resume in his portfolio. Now for Villains Month, he is set to write about the adventures of Aquaman’s evil brother the Ocean Master. Bedard sat down with Comic Vine to discuss his new project. He mentions that since Ocean Master is sent to Belle Reve prison as a consequence of his actions during the ‘Throne of Atlantis’ crossover that happened earlier this year, his main goal is to go back into the water.

Bedard says:

“He’s been landlocked since they threw him in jail, and that’s a fate worse than death for an Atlantean. So when the big jailbreak happens, all the other escapees are out to join their liberators, or just raise hell. But Orm has one simple goal: get back to the water. And what happens on the way is anything but simple…..He’s been humbled by his time in jail, by the way he was duped into attacking the surface world, by the way Aquaman took the throne from him and cast him aside. Now he’s just sitting in prison, awaiting his war crimes trial, fully expecting the death penalty. He’s a shell of the man he was. Then comes the opportunity for freedom, and suddenly he has a chance to go home, maybe reclaim his kingdom.” 

Bedard also discusses that Ocean Master is not necessarily evil but is still an enemy to Aquaman. He also mentions what makes him a great villain by having a lack of a black & white mentality.

“He’s not a true villain. In fact, I pretty much agree with his beef against Aquaman. But he’s just never cared if a surface worlder lives or dies. Now, we see if he’s changed at all — if he’s still hard-hearted towards humans, or if he’s learned to value them at all….It’s that morally gray aspect, the sort of thing you see with Sinestro. They both consider themselves heroes in their own way. So does Ocean Master. He only took the throne so he could help “free” his half-brother Aquaman from the surface world. His devotion to Atlantis is very real and altruistic in its own way. I actually think most Atlanteans would rather have him back on the throne. So it’s the fact that you can totally relate to his motivation and even see Orm’s nobility shining through that makes him a compelling character. He’d be a lot less interesting if he was just flat-out evil.”

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Source: Comic Vine

Art by Ivan Reis

Art by Ivan Reis

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