The Green Team #3 Review: It’s Alive!

by Daniel Gehen
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It’s the Green Team’s final showdown against Riot. Is this issue worth your $2.99? Check out the DCN review to find out!

So here we are, the final chapter of Art Baltazar and Franco’s opening arc which resurrected a long dead DC property.  After last week’s Deathstroke-heavy installment, the focus is back on our core group of characters and their battle against the enigmatic force known as Riot. In an issue that spans various locales, Baltazar and Franco provide start to provide answers to questions that have persisted from the first issue.


Green Team 4cThis book continues to successfully straddle the line between fantasy and science fiction, all while injecting the writers’ trademark humor into the story.  I particularly enjoyed the videogame reference that Commodore throws at Riot, even when he’s held captive.

When looking at the credits, it was a bit worrisome to see eight names sharing art duties. Fortunately, the artist transitions are rather smooth and do not distract from the story. The penciling team of Ig Guara, Robson Rocha and Travis Moore all do a fine job bringing this script to life, with series regular Guara’s work shining brightly. There is a strong energy in his work that made this issue more enjoyable to read than it should have been.


Green Team 4dThe pacing of this series has been, at best, erratic. Upon opening this issue, I had to go back to #3 to see if there was something I had missed as to why we’re off in Monte Carlo. Alas, there was nothing in the previous issue to suggest the setting of this issue–as has been the case throughout the series.  The previous issue also unmasked (off panel) one of the Rioters, only to have the identity hinted at here.

Green Team 4bThe biggest problem with this series is there are five main characters, and we still don’t know much about them. While the action sequences are solid, there is no weight to the cast because the reader does not care about what happens to Commodore, or Mo, or Cecilia. The best parts of this series were in issue #2, which was filled with slower, quieter moments which gave the characters’ personalities room to breathe. We have had none of that since, particularly in this issue. When one of our heroes has their arm literally ripped off, I shrugged. If Baltazar and Franco want this book to really succeed, they need to make the audience care for the title’s cast.

Verdict Rating2 (2/5)

The Green Team is not a bad book, but it has a long way to go before one would consider it “good.” Surprisingly strong art from a plethora of creators is squandered on a middling story that begs the question “why should I care?” Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

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