REVIEW: Smallville Season Eleven #62 – Diana vs Tank

Action abounds in the latest issue of Smallville Season 11 #62! Diana fights a tank! Superman does awesome Superman-y things! Steve Trevor takes a stand (literally, he stands around a lot, but we’ll forgive him).

So let’s get into it! Review incoming!

The Good:


After writing a few of these reviews in which I go through a checklist of awesome that Bryan Q Miller and Jorge Jimenez deliver week-in-week-out, I’m close to doing an all-picture review. Observe above the character interactions and deftness of dialogue displayed. Bryan Q. Miller gets these characters, it is obvious. He pays homage to old “tropes” like Wonder Woman deflecting bullets and her nigh-invulernability with a wink and a nod that adds to the story without feeling overtly like “continuity porn.”

Check out the panel IMG_1991in which Diana gives herself over to the DEO in exchange for seeing her mother. History lesson time! Get your notebooks and pencils ready!

chainedbymenIn the original run of Wonder Woman by creator William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman would become powerless when bound by men. It was an extension of the bondage / submission motifs that were rampant in the early days of the character. Mr. Miller pays homage to that with the line of “enchanted bracelets” effectively rendering Diana powerless. It feels natural and could easily have been missed, so as it not beat the reader over the head with it.


This issue isn’t all talk, however. Diana and Superman get the lions share of the action this week, with some wonderfully exciting set pieces. Witness Diana take on a tank using chains as a “Lasso of Truth” stand-in.


Superman is especially well characterized here, as we get to see him do some very Superman-ish things like save his enemies from said exploding tank and catch a speeding bullet. How long has it been since he’s done that? Again, Mr. Miller deftly demonstrates his knowledge of the characters and caters to fans expectations. The end result is exciting and refreshing.

Jorge Jimenez’s artwork really shines during the big summer blockbuster action scenes. His colors are vibrant and engaging. His line work is strong and his character representations continue to be spot on.

The ending teases a certain star spangled costume may be waiting in the wings for Diana and will ensure readers start saving their pennies for next Friday’s release.


The Bad:

It will make you nostalgic for the days when comic books were fun, exciting, and not weighed down by eons of continuity.

Yes it is, Bryan Q Miller and Jorge Jimenez.

Final Verdict:

Rating5 (5/5)

Another stellar installment of what has been, for me, a very surprisingly enjoyable read. Smallville Season 11 #62, by Bryan Q Miller and Jorge Jimenez, delivers quality with well written characters and exciting action.

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