PREVIEW: GREG PAK Talks Action Comics #25 Zero Year Tie-In

Action Comics is getting a new scribe this November: Greg Pak, well known for his Planet Hulk and the newly released Batman / Superman runs, will be taking over the title, with artwork by Aaron Kuder. His first arc will tie in with Scott Snyder’s Batman: Zero Year.  AC_Cv252

Mr. Pak recently sat down with Newsarama to discuss his plans for Superman and his role to play in “Zero Year.”

” It’s a story set in the past that stands alone with its own, self-contained beginning, middle and end. But it lays out some of the key themes we’re playing with and it re-introduces one of our key supporting characters. It’s been a huge amount of fun to work on.

I’m loving the opportunity to kick off our run on the book with this story set so early in Clark’s life. Just a great chance to explore the character and set up some fun things. ”

When asked about when exactly this tie-in would take place, Mr. Pak had this to say: “The story takes place just before the events of Morrison’s Action #1. So Clark’s young, new to Metropolis, new to superhero-ing. Much as in my first Batman/Superman storyline, he’s young and raw and cocky. But we’ll get a peek at the vulnerable side of him, too, and explore what’s really going on under the skin.” AC_Cv26

Mr. Pak also hinted at bringing in a mysterious character form Clark’s past. ” It’s a major character from Clark’s past. And by bringing in this character, we’re getting a great way to explore some key aspects of what makes Clark tick — and create some pretty great challenges for him moving forward. ”

When pressed on the identity of this character, Mr. Pak had this cryptic tidbit:

” I’ll just say it’s intriguing how many people from Clark’s history have the initials “L.L. ”

Post-Year Zero, Mr. Pak detailed his ongoing plans for the title, beginning with issue #26.

” Yes, we’ll move up to present day in issue #26 — and we’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities with the story. Big action, big characters, huge revelations and emotional moments for Clark and his supporting cast every issue. ”

Mr. Pak also had some glowing praise for his artist, Aaron Kuder.

” He’s drawing a fantastic Clark in issue #25, really bringing out the youth and energy of this very young Superman. He’s bringing insane, telling, and sometimes hilarious details to every page that bring everything up to that next level. He’s bringing a kind of visual fearlessness… a kind of grace to the layouts that I just love.

You know how sometimes the most powerful thing can be when your hero is actually tiny in the frame? Aaron totally understands that. And he totally knows how to deliver that insane exploding-off-the-page action when turn the page. ”

Action Comics #25, written by Greg Pak with artwork by Aaron Kuder, will be released this November.

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Source: Newsarama