Forever Evil – Arkham War Preview

Arkham War is a 6 issue mini-series that launches next month and is written by Peter Tomasi. DC Comics released the following preview images and quotes from Tomasi about the mini-series.

“The main characters of ARKHAM WAR are Bane and Scarecrow, each one leading their respective army against the other for control of Gotham in their own inimitable ways. The Bane and Scarecrow one-shots set up their master plans and lead directly into ARKHAM WAR. And I’m pulling outta the toy chest an amazing amount of villains and using exactly who serves the story I wanna tell with even a surprise or two!”

“Arkham War boiled down to its essence is the two sides of Gotham’s villainy, power and psychosis, drawn together into a violent and brutal conflict and show that without its legendary protector, even a dark city like Gotham in the best of times, without Batman, would fall right over into the abyss,”

arkhamwar1 arkhamwar2 arkhamwar3

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Source – DC Comics