PREVIEW: Kyle Killen Talks “Adventures of Superman” Issue

by Mark Povelaitis
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Kyle Killen, best known for two cancelled but critically acclaimed television shows “Awake” and “Lone Star”, is looking to make his mark on the Man of Steel.

Co-starring “Y: The Last Man” artist Pia Guerra, Adventures of Superman #15 marks Mr. Killen’s first foray into comic land. He recently sat down with CBR to discuss his take on Superman.

1379355251When asked about getting the job, Mr. Killen responded, “…when DC asked me to try to tackle “Adventures of Superman” I was very excited and very, very intimidated.  For someone who didn’t grow up understanding the intricacies of the whole mythology it was a little overwhelming.  Which was really why I tried to focus less on Superman and the people he battles than on the world in which they do that and how the people who live there are affected.”

He spoke further about developing and understanding the character of Superman:

” I don’t know that I saw it as being specifically about any sort of duality so much as it was about the realization that Superman can’t be everywhere all the time. Things still go wrong. Terribly wrong. And when they do, people have a tendency, a need, to assign blame. And so I was intrigued by this idea that experiencing tragedy could make Superman a figure of blame, and from that could come hate, and from that comes new foes.”


Next, he gave his artist, the lovely Pia Guerra, some pleasant praise:

“When we were looking for artists I looked a lot of incredible people, but it was Pia’s simplicity and groundedness that really appealed to me. I felt like I was telling a really simple story and working with someone who approached the art in a similar way felt right.”

When asked about any future writing opportunities, he replied:

“I’d love to write more. It was a fantastic experience and unlike anything I’d ever had a chance to do before. Unfortunately my day job makes it tough, but there’s so many things you can explore in comics that I’d really love to find a way to make it work.  I’d love to resurrect “Awake” as a graphic novel.”

Adventures of Superman #15, written by Kyle Killen and artwork by Pia Guerra, is available digitally now.

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Source: CBR

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