PREVIEWS: Batman & Robin #23.3: Ra’s Al Ghul And The League Of Assassins

For the Batman history staying in place with the New 52, Ra’s Al Ghul as really been quite so far in the New 52, however things are changing.  With the events in Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc conclusion, and now the League of Assassins in Red Hood and the Outlaws, it appears Ra’s is going to stepping into the limelight.  This Villains Month issue even appears to go a “Demon Knight” look in the preview too with his past, so what else will we find out about The Demon’s Head?  Will we see the classic Neal Adams battles in his origin?  Will Nyssa from Pre-Flashpoint be used at all?  What will Ra’s thoughts be of the Crime Syndicate, if any?  One thing for sure, Ra’s, the Lazarus Pits, and the League of Assassins are going to make an impact soon in the Batman Family titles.



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Source: Nerdist