Batman Vs. Superman Script Rides Again With Chris O’Donnell


Justin Bieber sent seismic waves of terror through the hearts of already disorientated Batman Vs. Superman fans when he posted a photo of a supposed script for the 2015-due film and captioned it, “#Robin??”

Following The Wrap‘s insider statement, most of the hysteria about the teen singer in a hypothetical superhero costume has now abated. It shouldn’t really have sparked in the first place considering the 19-year-old tweeted a “Funny or Die” heads up hours before his mischievous Instagram, but the Internet is a volatile place.

As yet the online comedy outlet hasn’t posted the skit Bieber referred to last week. But the site did post a very interesting photo to their Instagram account directed to the actor Chris O’Donnell.

The snap shows the same, fake Bieber watermarked Snyder-Goyer film script photoshopped next to an intently staring O’Donnell. Naturally, it’s tagged “#robin??”


It’s yet more confirmation (as if it were needed) that “Funny or Die” are about to unleash a Batman Vs. Superman sketch with the Canadian singer and, very probably, O’Donnell too.

The 43-year-old played Robin opposite Val Kilmer in 1995′s Batman Forever and again two years later in Batman & Robin opposite George Clooney.

One wonders if all those fanboys/girls who had mini-meltdowns over Justin’s Instagram feel faintly foolish?

Or perhaps they’ve already returned to fretting over “The Affleck Situation” as Complex calls it?



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