Preview: Green Lantern Annual #2

October marks the beginning the next crossover for the Green Lantern universe, Lights Out. DC has promised this to be a game-changing event for the Lanterns.

Sneak peeks: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Written by Venditti and Chen, GL Annual #2  will be the finale of the much awaited Lights Out. Green Lanterns and Red Lanterns alike will team up to take on Relic. This could possibly be the last team up of the Earth-born Lanterns also could be the moment the White Lantern fulfils his destiny. When the dust settles….what will become of the Lantern universe?

Venditti promises this to be a status-quo changing impact on the GL universe.

In an IGN interview he stated “There’s going to be a big legacy coming out of Lights Out for all of these four books that are involved. They are going to go in their own directions but still have a common thread that links them all together.

He also promises big plans for new Green Lantern Simon Baz.

There are plans for Simon Baz. He’ll be showing up relatively soon. But obviously he was a part of Trinity War and all those types of things, so he is mixed up in another crisis of his own. But in long term thinking about the Green Lantern group in general, there has been talk of Simon Baz and we do have ideas for him.


Many things will be changing in the universe in the months to come. Green Lantern’s oversized Annual #2 is scheduled for release on October 30th. You can see some preview pages down below.

Source: DC Comics, IGN

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