Palmiotti & Gray continue their take on Luke Fox / Batwing and 6 issues in they’re starting to get a feel for the character, as is Eduardo Pansica on pencils. This issue is packed with detail, great dialogue and has a sensational Darwin Cooke cover.

The previous issue’s cliff-hanger, Batwing falling to his death following a fight with Lady Vic at Wayne Towers, resolves with a series of mishaps which results in Luke dressed as a vagrant consoling the girlfriend who dumped him prior to the afore mentioned fall.

The issue follows the battle between Batwing and an increasingly scantily clad Lady Vic who, when she is finally subdued, looks more Ame-Comi girl than she ever looked battling Nightwing in Blüdhaven.


The issue starts with a great cover and keeps up the quality from thereon in. Pansica and Ferreira are putting in the hours with superb detail in every page, the first splash on page 3 as Batwing recovers from his first fall has a great crowd shot.

The comedy continues as Batwing crashes in on what looks like a ladies rest room and is pushed out of the window by one of the startled women.  The ignominy of being caught trying to steal clothes from a vagrant rounds off a disastrous night for Luke.

There is a good mix of action and character development with the panels devoted to Luke’s personal /family issues not enough to slow down the pace.

Batman makes a great cameo whilst fighting “Crime Nouveau”, a throw away team but one I’d like to see again. A replacement suit in Bat Bunker 3 is the closest yet to the Batman Beyond suit and is put to great use in a very gadget driven take-down of Lady Vic.


I’d have preferred a more muted, darker, pallet from the colourist and question whether we really needed between the legs camera angle shot of Lady Vic’s bikini. Although the family angst and inevitable Fox family tension was in the background this is my least favourite part of this take on Batwing. The inevitable reveal will have to take place at some point but here’s hoping Palmiotti and Gray kick it into the long grass.


Met all expectations and given it’s a Palmiotti and Gray book those expectations were high.  Action, laughs and great art. I’m looking forward to the Zero Year tie in.

Lee Thomson

Lee Thomson

DC fan from the mid-70's onwards: Green Lantern / Green Arrow, the Flash, the Justice League of America were highlights from that era. Married, 2 kids (Iris and Hal) - by day I am an accountant and by night I do not fight crime.