Female Role Rumored Earlier for Superman vs Batman Movie Probably Not Wonder Woman


Indeed, the role is more likely to be a love interest for Bruce Wayne, according to El Mayimbe of Latino Review. So, who will it be? An updated Vicki Vale? Selina? Talia? I am 99% that it’s not the third as the general audience is now very aware of Talia’s evil status. I would almost say that seeing Catwoman again so soon may bring on Catwoman fatigue, but considering how Warner Brothers decided to push out another cinematic version of Batman before viewers at home could even finish their rewatch of The Dark Knight Rises, it’s certainly not impossible.


Vicki Vale meeting Lois Lane would make an interesting scene at the very least. In the competitive world of journalism, they would probably like each other as much as their super significant others are implied to. Vicki Vale vs Lois Lane, anyone?


You may have seen us fight in the comics before, but you've never seen the Ultimate Journalist Showdown!
You may have seen us fight in the comics before, but you’ve never seen the Ultimate Journalist Showdown!

Whomever it’s going to be, the studio has narrowed down the contenders to four actresses. For the disappointed Wonder Woman fans, there’s always the words from WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara: “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”


The first step to solving a problem is admitting it.


Source: The Latino Review

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