Batgirl Enters the World of Batman ’66

Wednesday will the see the release of the next installment of the hit digital comic series Batman ’66, but this time, it won’t be Batman and Robin in the starring role. Nope, Chapter Fifteen of the series based on the 1960’s television series Batman will have Barbara Gordon face off against Catwoman while the Dynamic Duo are out of town.

“We meet Batgirl in a solo story, where she has a suspicion a crime is about to go down at the science museum,” Batman ’66 scribe Jeff Parker said regarding Barbara’s entrance in the book. That suspicion will lead into a run-in with an Eartha Kitt version of Catwoman, and it will be up to Batgirl to stop her.

Batman ’66 Chapter 15, written by Parker and illustrated by Eisner Award-winning artist Colleen Coover, is available this Wednesday digitally. You can preview the digital chapter in the images below as we get our first glimpses of 1960’s Batgirl. Enjoy!

bat 66 cover bat 66 p1 bat 66 p3 bat66 p4 bat 66 p5


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Source: TV Guide