If You Weren’t Already Planning On Picking Up Action Comics #25, Here’s Another Incentive

by Rae Epstein
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firstlook action comics 25


Well, two. The first incentive is the gorgeous art you see above by Aaron Kuder. The second is that not only is Action Comics #25 Greg Pak’s first issue for the series, but it’s been announced that it’s a Zero Year tie-in.

In the short synopsis DC gives us, the issue is going to center on the young Superman we saw in Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics and are currently seeing in the Batman/Superman comic (fortunately, Pak is writing that title too, so if anyone has everything in check for early Superman’s timeline it’s him). Except, according to Pak, #25 is going to be set even earlier than Morrison’s run.

“We’re going to see a young, cocky Superman testing his limits by taking on what might be the most powerful opponent he could ever find […] The story takes place just before the events of Morrison’s ACTION COMICS #1. So Clark’s young, new to Metropolis, new to superhero-ing.” Pak also mentioned that he “loved the idea of launching [his] ACTION run with a story set in the past. It’s a great way to start the character at the beginning and lay out some of the big themes [the creative team is] thinking about in a big way.”

A storm is brewing in Gotham. Can a young, immature Superman stop it? We will find out on November 6th when Action Comics #25 appears on the shelves of your local comic shop and Comixology.

Source: DC Comics Official Website

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