‘The Flash’ Will Let The DC TV Universe Get Weirder, Says ‘Arrow’ Showrunner

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It’s only been a month since DC and the CW announced that they’d found their would-be Flash in actor Grant Gustin. Technically, Gustin would be playing police forensic investigator before something causes him to make his fateful transformation into the fastest man alive.

But given the (relatively) grounded nature of the DC television universe, what kind of impact will having an actual, super-powered hero have on the vigilante and his world?


“While we’re obviously introducing some fantastical concepts to things [to the world of “Arrow“], we just wanted to keep the show as grounded and realistic as possible,”

showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told us during a visit to the set of the CW series. Kreisberg went on to say that introducing a character like the Flash would allow the future series based on the character to explore some of the more exotic elements of the DCU that might not quite fit with the darkness of Starling City.

And he’s aware some “Arrow” fans not familiar with the Flash might balk at that: “I think that the events that happen to the Flash and what’s going on in Central City, some people will be like, ‘Eh, that’s full of bull****.” How long before we see Captain Cold or Gorilla Grodd stomping around Central City remains to be seen, but based on Kreisberg’s comments, the door is open.

Seriously, CW: please give us television’s first live-action imperious gorilla from a society of hyper-evolved apes.

Kreisberg admits to being excited to have the Flash/Barry make his debut in “Arrow,” saying that the future Scarlet Speedster is a wonderful counterpoint to Oliver Queen, whose alter ego Barry will look up to in the series. Barry will make his debut in episode 2.08, with appearances in 2.09, and 2.20. When we spoke, Kreisberg said he’d just turned in the script for episode 209, and that the character has been easy to integrate into the universe of “Arrow”. “Barry has an easy relationship with Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards]. Barry’s young, he’s a forensic scientist, he’s a little bit young like she is, and it’s a lot of fun with that.”

Describing the character as a comic book-collecting fanboy, Kreisberg says that Barry will come to Starling City with built-in admiration for the Vigilante/Oliver.

“With Barry, it’s one of those cases where be careful what you wish for…”

said Kreisberg. “In the comics themselves, Barry was somewhat of a fan. And in the Justice League, you have Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman–all of these gods. And then you have Barry Allen, who’s just a guy.”

This last bit is an interesting interpretation of the DCU, where characters like Batman and Green Arrow were typically the ones at odds with the overwhelming might of their fellow heroes, although it is true that Barry was always the one in awe of his contemporaries.

We’re really hoping the Flash allows some of the gods and monsters of the DCU to make their way to the DCTVU soon because, you know, psychic gorillas and Aquaman.


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