Colton Haynes On His Preparation For Roy Harper, And His Future.

by Graham MacDougall
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Colton Haynes recently had an interview with Digital Spy about his time on the set of Arrow, and what he did to prepare, knowledge-wise for playing a character like Roy Harper who has decades upon decades of backstory;

“Thanks to my brother, Clinton, he’s a huge comic book fan. I wasn’t quite aware how big Roy Harpers character…how big the fan reaction was to it, then eventually I started reading and becoming so interested in his story. You never know, I mean, there’s so many interpretations of Roy Harper. You don’t know if he’s going to lose an arm, become a junkie, or be Speedy or Red Arrow. It’s just fascinating. Now I’ve done my research and my brother wasn’t as excited as me doing the other shows until now. Now he feels like since he gives me Intel on all the comic books that he’s a secret writer. So thank you Clinton.”

The question on everyones mind lately seems to be, “Will Colton don the red leather tights this season?” And what is the future for Willa Holland in the crime fighting department.

“When I came on the show, Willa had an idea she was going to become Speedy. Then I came on the show and she was like ‘OK are you the one that’s going to ruining my changes of doing this? I want to fight crime!’ They’ve been putting me through training. Each day Willa’s like ‘When am I going to do this?’ You never know, but in different comic books Speedy was a girl. And with Roy Harper, like I said, you never know which way he’s going to go. I can say that I don’t think they’d be putting me through training for nothing.”

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Source: Comic Book Movie

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