Good morning DC fans have we got some juicy gossip for you today! According to Newsarama, certain issues aren’t making a quick comeback while others are receiving a creative team shift, and even more drama-bombs, some-one-will-die! DC Comics is an ever shifting beast of creativity so lets dip in and take a look.

Since the take off of Villains Month and Forever Evil the villains of the DC universe have been dominating like a hyped-up, foul-mouthed twelve year-old in COD. Yet unlike the gutter mouth offspring these villains are taken us through twists and turns showing us various sides to themselves that earlier writers of the 52 franchise let die.


First off! In the upcoming Forever Evil: Arkham War #4 we have the new “deadly-dynamic duo” of sorts, Cobb of Talon and the infamous Bane! Will they be Gotham’s saving light or Gotham’s destructive deviants? Earlier stories have depicted Bane as a anti-hero of sorts, ditching the Venom and becoming a surrogate father to Vandal Savages daughter, Scandal. So could DC possibly be returning Bane to his anti-hero roots? What of William Cobb? Could he finally be embracing his Grayson-hero-heritage (even though he’s technically Dick’s Great-Grandfather). Only time will tell! So stick around fantasy lovers, the fate of Gotham possibly rests in the hands of these two. . .

*Spoilers ahoy!*


If you’ve been following Superboy much we’ve recently learned the ill-fated origins of the ‘current’ Kon-El. Superboy, the one we know, is an actual clone of an alternative future of Lois Lane and Superman offspring. Cloned by the nefarious Harvest, bred to fight off a tragic event that’s suppose to transpire long before his actual birth. Well, it’s sad to say this but according to Newsarama’s solicits Superboy, the one we know, will die. All hope is not lost, though we lose Kon-El (again) he will be replaced (as cold as it sounds) with the original offspring of Lane and Kent, the ‘original’ future-spawn Metropolis Kid!

Tom Taylor the scribe from the most awesome fan favorite Injustice comic book is slated to take on the my personal favorite DC title, Earth 2! What’s the headline about? Well how about Earth 2 Batman in a no-holds-bar smack down with the evil(?) Superman of there world. But wait, didn’t the original heroes already pass? Who could this imposter be!? Earth 2 Kon-El? Alternate Earth Superman? A Bizarro clone that finally thawed out right?! Time will tell and so will we.


As I mentioned earlier, a book will be canceled and it seem’s to be The Green Team is biting the dust. At issue #8 the series closes with it’s big finale. Also sad but true, Vibe is being axed as well. A personal favorite of mine, why can’t Cisco Ramon catch a break DC? Also on the chopping block is Katana. A series with infinite potential but a creative that left much to be desired. Let’s hope maybe we’ll see both series return later, Katanna with a new writer hopefully.


Surprise, Surpirse! Turns out that Tom Talyor might be DC’s new go to boy! With the Injustice title being a surpirse hit DC has ‘renewed’ it! Dubbed Injustice Year Two Taylor teases that a “external threat from the edge of galaxy” approaches. “Fear approaches.” Parallax? Darkseid?? Wait and see!

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Source: Newsarama


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