Levitz Announces World’s Finest and Batman/Superman Crossover

January’s solicitations led to the revelation that Huntress and Power Girl would be revealing their identities to Batman and Superman, respectively. Now, Paul Levitz, scribe of World’s Finest, has announced that the aforementioned revelation will lead to a two month crossover with Greg Pak’s Batman/Superman team-up book.

When solicitations were first released, it was clear that the revealing of their true identities would be a big deal for Power Girl and Huntress, but this crossover makes it clear that the reveal will have a much larger impact on the DC Universe. When Batman finds out that Huntress is the daughter of his Earth 2 counterpart and when Superman realizes that Power Girl is his cousin from an alternate universe, things will become strange to say the least.

[When we started Worlds’ Finest] we knew that Batman and Superman would find out, but “where will that happen” and “why will that happen” became specific to this opportunity,” Levitz said. “So we’re figuring out what exactly is going to happen with all these pieces. And I think we’ve got some fun things that will roll out through the story, and there will be some surprising character moments as a result.”

Cover to World's Finest #19 by Emanuela Lupacchino. Credit: DC Comics
Cover to World’s Finest #19 by Emanuela Lupacchino. Credit: DC Comics

The writer went on to state that the revelatory moment will impact all four characters, especially Batman and Superman. According to Levitz, Power Girl and Huntress have had five years to prepare themselves for this moment, whereas Bats and Supes will be caught completely off-guard by the announcement, and it won’t be easy for them to deal with.

As for plot details concerning the crossover, the writer stated that, “[y]ou have a moment [in Worlds’ Finest #19] with Huntress and Batman encountering each other, because that’s the cover scene. And that’s a gateway into that story.” He further commented that there will be some conflict that drives the story, but he wouldn’t reveal any other details.

The final plot hints came from a question about the upcoming World’s Finest Annual #1, due in January, when the writer said, “There are a nugget or two hidden in it that will pay off in the Batman/Superman crossover. It’s not a tie-in in the sense that the storyline leads directly from it, but something is planted in there that pays off in a very important way.”

Cover of World's Finest Annual #1 by Emanuela Lupacchino. Credit: DC Comics
Cover of World’s Finest Annual #1 by Emanuela Lupacchino. Credit: DC Comics

Are you excited about the crossover? Curious about how the world’s greatest heroes will react to such startling news?

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Source: Newsarama