REVIEW Batman Beyond 2.0 #6 – All in the Family

by Daniel Gehen
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When we last visited the world of Batman Beyond 2.0, Batman was on the ropes against this arc’s main villain, Rewire. As Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham Police chase down a lead to the identity of this new foe, it’s up to the former Nightwing, Dick Grayson himself, to come to the rescue. And we may or may not get an appearance by Bruce himself. This issue is once more brought to you by the writing of Kyle Higgins and the art of Thony Silas.


BB 6bI’m having difficulty in finding a new way to express my enjoyment of Kyle Higgins’ scripting with each passing issue.  By no means perfect, there is the right blend of story progression, character development, action, humor and gravitas that makes spending a dollar every two weeks one of the easiest decisions I can make.  The manner in which the various Batman villains interact feels real, which is no doubt attributed to Mr. Higgins’ background in filmmaking. By approaching this series as a filmmaker, Higgins has eliminated the use of internal monologue which allows the aforementioned interactions to develop a cadence and flow that grabs the reader and refuses to let go.

Thony Silas art once more continues to be dynamic, if inconsistent. The fluid, youthful nature of the series has suited his cartoony style well to this point. That said, the strongest parts here happen to be the character moments. The lack of frantic action in those moments allows Silas to put a lot of great detail into the characters’ expressions.


BB 6cThe reveal of the villain’s identity did nothing for me. Had we been given a page or two establishing who this character earlier in this series, it would have provided a greater “woah” moment than the “meh” I found myself uttering. I am all for the creation of new characters, and I’m eager to see where Higgins takes them in the coming issues. But for now, the reveal was underwhelming.

As mentioned before, Silas’ art can suffer from inconsistency. While his work in the quieter, character moments is superb, his action scenes suffer from a lack of detail. Panels appear to be rushed in number of places. I know part of the issue is the limited canvas in the digital-first medium, but seeing the work on other digital-first series such as Batman ’66 (Jonathan Case) or Batman Lil’ Gotham (Dustin Nguyen) makes me yearn for something more. I know Silas is more than capable, so here’s hoping that he delivers in the concluding chapters of this story arc.

Verdict Rating4 (4/5)

Despite my complaints, Batman Beyond 2.0 #6 is another solid outing for Kyle Higgins and Thony Silas. Higgins in particular continues to grow as a writer, and is proving that DC’s talent pool is stronger than headlines would make it seem. With chapter 6 of this story, the pieces have finally come together that should make the final two chapters of this opening arc outstanding.

BB 6a

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