Review: Red Lanterns #24

by Alexander Cerola
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Red Lantern #24 plays out like it’s set up to be. Another tie-in to DC’s current Green Lantern event, Lights Out. With many of the spectrum Corp lay in ruins, scattered across the universe few remain and rise to the call. Of which we learn, the Red Lanterns *spoiler alert* have the privy to be immune to the powers of Relic since they (the Red Lantern Corps) not only draw their powers from their main battery but also from the lake of blood that surrounds, hinted Hal Jordan.

Overall how was the issue?

Well, I really didn’t find it up to par with past issues before the tie in with Lights Out. It really only served as a continuation point for the overall saga. Yes I know that was the whole point of the issue, but to some unresolved tension that has been growing between Hal and Guy would have been splendid! Instead we get some words and graphic sucker punch instead of the issue slug fest the cover art would nod to.

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Just imagine! Hal and Guy, fury of punches! Using the same lore set up my Johns way back in Rebirth… Pure, unrelenting will from Guy meeting the focused, straight forward boxing glove of Hal. It would be B-E-A-U-TIFUL! If anything we are given a new plot point to the entire saga, Kyle Rayner and the Guardians gather to find Relic wailing on the Source Wall. Relic relents for a minute to answer the beckoning of Rayner and Guardians in tow only to be surpirsed *spoilers again* that they too want to ‘bring down the wall.’

Soule is doing a fantastic job continuing where Milligan has left off. Carrying on his own and continuing the excellence in character development and story, locking down Guy’s wise cracking, no jive taking self towards Hal’s straight man antics. While Vitti’s art is a bit off at times, faces don’t seem to quite fit heads just right, but that could just be a current issue rush so I think we should give him a pass. He does an excellent render of Hal Jordan though with Hal’s ‘youth’ mostly restored through the 52 reboot. Vitti really locks down that boyish charm Hal’s bangs radiate.

Well that’s it folks, hope you enjoy Dexstar being cuddles by Atrocious!

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