Neil Gaiman Explains SANDMAN: OVERTURE #2 Delay

by Mark Povelaitis
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After only one issue, Neil Gaiman’s return to the world of his hit comic Sandman has been experiencing delays, pushing Sandman: Overture #2‘s release date to February of 2014.

Mr. Gaiman had this to say of the delay, responding to a fan on his Tumblr account:

“I understand your disappointment and sympathise. [J.H. Williams III and I are] both really sorry about the delay. It’s unprofessional, and is mostly due to the giant signing tour I was on from June, and me not getting script written on the tour, with knock-on effects. We’re hoping it’ll be the only delay though.”

Delays are common in the comic book industry. Artists and writers occasionally get behind – sometimes they end up being removed from books as a result, though that does not, as of yet, appear to be the case here.

While you wait, check out the cover for Sandman: Overture #2, now releasing in February of next year:


Source: CBR


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