RUMOR: Nightwing Heading To CW’s ‘Arrow’?

by Mark Povelaitis
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Rumors have been swirling about the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. But perhaps Nightwing’s first appearance in the live action DC Universe will be on a smaller screen?

Yesterday Steven McQueen (from The Vampire Diaries) posted this photo on twitter of a workout session. Note the tshirt:


Again, this is just a rumor. Though it is curious to note that Bludhaven has been mentioned quite a few times in Arrrow. Here is yet another Tweet from Mr. McQueen to help stir up the Nightwing frenzy:

So what does it all mean? Will we finally see a Nightwing and where? And will Arrow and Man of Steel (and subsequent DCU films ) all fit in the same universe? Only time will tell. More information as this story develops.

Source: Superheromovienews

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