The Green Team #6 Review: Meteorites – Because Cars Are So Last Season

by Daniel Gehen
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WARNING – this review contains SPOILERS, but given how bonkers this issue is, things might not make sense until you, the reader, check it out.

When we last left The Green Team, our heroes were trying to stop an asteroid headed towards Earth. Unfortunately, things went awry when the DCU’s fourth greatest ice-themed villain, Icicle, took advantage of the team’s lavish transport, leading to a battle in space. Pro Tip: don’t keep swimming pools on spaceships. If that recap sounded appealing, then issue six is for you. Writer Art Baltazar and artist Franco keep their foot on the accelerator as this series comes one issue closer to its conclusion.

GT 6e


Unlike the rest of DC’s lineup, The Green Team continues to promote the spirit of fun above all else. Sure, there’s a murderous baddie loose and a hunk of rock plunging towards Earth—both at the behest of an unseen mastermind—but check out the cool stuff the suits can do now! And there’s weird gel that can help you breathe in the vacuum of space! The suits even allow you to drive a meteorite.

Baltazar and Franco not only bring the fun, but they’re also able to sprinkle in a bit of much-needed character drama. J.P. and Commodore’s bromance is on the rocks after J.P. and Cecilia exchange a hug and a kiss (?) following another life and death scare. It will be interesting to see how this wrinkle in the team dynamic plays out over the remaining two issues.

GT 6c


Despite the fun and added drama, this issue continues to suffer from an ailment that has plagued the series from the get-go: characters no one cares about. With five issues before this, the reader should be invested in at least one member of the cast. Commodore might be the lead character, but the series has not focused on him enough for the readers to empathize with hardships that befall him.

Some pretty wacky things in superhero comics. After all, this is the same universe that includes an intergalactic police force that wields power-rings that shoot light energy based on emotions. But staring at a page where a regular guy is just floating through space (with his face completely exposed) and has no bodily harm done is a bit of a head-scratcher. However, this does not detract from the issue as a whole.

Verdict (3/5)


The Green Team #6 sees this doomed series begin to right the ship as it heads towards it’s proverbial harbor. With the rest of the DCU entrenched in doom and gloom (see: Forever Evil and “Zero Year”), this issue is a reminder that DC books can be fun. And that is something to be thankful for.

GT 6a

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